A Typical Visit at the Sleep Laboratory

The course and length of stay in the laboratory may vary by reason of consultation.

In general, you are expected to arrive at the laboratory at 19h and leave the next morning at 9h. Depending on the type of sleep problem, it is sometimes necessary to also assess the quality of alertness. In this case, the evaluations may continue during the day following your night of sleep and you leave the laboratory at 17h the following afternoon.

On arrival at the laboratory, we ask you to put your sleepwear (pajamas preferably 2 pieces) and then we proceed with the electrode placement. These electrodes are small metal discs glued to the skin in several places on the head, face, chest and legs with adhesive paste. They are used to record the electrical activity emitted by different parts of the body. After placing the electrodes, we ask you to complete some questionnaires, and then you have free time until bedtime. Just before bedtime, various sensors for recording respiration and oxygen saturation (oro-nasal cannula as well as chest and abdominal straps) are installed. The sleep schedule is determined by the assessment protocol: bedtime is usually between 22h and 23h; wake is usually after 8 hours of recording. During leisure time, you can read, watch TV or watch movies on DVD that you have brought.

Each patient has a private room with a sink and access to a shared bathroom. Cell phones must be completely off during the recordings (night and day). Please note that smoking is prohibited in the hospital. When we contact you to fix an appointment, we will answer all your questions regarding your registration night.