Marie Dumont, Ph.D.

Full Professor
Department of Psychiatry, Université de Montréal
Research Director, CARSM
Co-director of the Chronobiology Laboratory (CARSM)
Director, Neurophysiology Division, HSCM Research Center (CIUSSS-NIM)
514-338-2222, ext. 2246
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Post-doctorate in Human Chronobiology (Harvard University, Boston)
Ph.D. in Neuroscience (Université de Montréal)
M.Sc. in Experimental Psychology (Université Laval, Quebec City)

Research Interests:
Adaptation to night work; chronotypes (morning and evening types) and delayed timing of the sleep-wake schedule; effects of light exposure on circadian rhythms, sleep and vigilance; circadian rhythms and sleep-wake cycle in various medical conditions (traumatic brain injury, COPD).

Field and laboratory studies; ambulatory measures of light exposure and rest-activity cycle (actigraphy); measure of non-visual sensitivity to light and of melatonin production; controlled light exposure.

Academic Link:

Chosen Publications:
Dumont M, Paquet J. Progressive decrease of melatonin production over consecutive days of simulated night work. Chronobiology International 2014, 31, 1231-1238.

Chapdelaine S, Paquet J, Dumont M. Effects of partial circadian adjustments on sleep and vigilance quality during simulated night work. Journal of Sleep Research 2012, 21, 380-389.

Dumont M, Lanctôt V, Cadieux-Viau R, Paquet J. Melatonin production and light exposure of rotating night workers. Chronobiology International 2012, 29, 203-210.

Dumont M, Blais H, Roy J, Paquet J. Controlled patterns of daytime light exposure improve circadian adjustment in simulated night work. Journal of Biological Rhythms 2009, 24, 427-437.

Goulet G, Mongrain V, Desrosiers C, Paquet J, Dumont M. Daily light exposure in morning-type and evening-type individuals. Journal of Biological Rhythms 2007, 22, 151-158.